Amusement Park.

Sunderland Amusement Park
is a location seen in Malice in Wonderland.


The amusement park is like any other; a ferris wheel can be seen, along with a carousel and a casino. The park is located next to the ocean.

Malice in Wonderland

Alice awakens in Whitey's car. The car was parked outside of the amusement park. Alice sees Midge searching around in the car, then he steals her purse and Alice chases him into the amusement park. Midge then goes to Gonzo, he was sitting on a horse of a carousel. Alice then confronts them. Alice speaks of her amnesia, then Gonzo tells the rest of the park's workers to go find her memory.

Gonzo then speaks to Alice concerning  Harry Hunt's gift and he confronts her before Whitey stops him. They then leave.


  • When Whitey confronts Gonzo, the neighing of a horse is heard which represents the White Night's horse.


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